Teacher • Writer • Storyteller
Kimberly K. Robeson

Haunted by a mythological story about Zeus, a magic sword, and soul mates, Thair Mylopoulos-Rosten spends much of her adult life looking for her Other Half. At thirty-one, having recently separated from her long-time boyfriend, this Greek-American college professor decides to spend a summer in Greece. On a tranquil island, in solitude, she begins writing stories about her grandmother’s experiences in 1940s Egypt, her mother’s youth in 1960s Greece, and finally, her own life in contemporary America. She writes about the past to make sense of her future. 

While on the island of Kythnos, Thair becomes fascinated with a person. This mystery woman puts her in situations that challenge her traditional values and her concept of the ideal relationship. Thair has several relationships in the novel, each one helping her understand her quest for completion.

RED GREEK TOMATOES spans Thair’s life from thirty-one to thirty-six. This novel explores human sexuality, the complexity of mother-daughter relationships, and the choices women of different generations make when choosing—or settling—for “Mr. (or Ms.) Good Enough.” Will Thair ever find that that missing part of her that Zeus chopped off with his magic sword at the beginning of time? Or is the concept of The One just one big fairy tale that has left generations of people, including Thair, searching for someone who doesn’t exist?
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